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UL 2443 Listed

Flex Drop has been successfully listed under new UL 2443, flexible sprinkler hose with fittings. UL created new test standard for flexible sprinkler hose fittings and all flexible sprinkler hose manufacturers are subject to new test under UL 2443 standard, which is much tougher to pass compare to previous UL 1474. Yong Won ENC Ltd. was the first company listed by UL 1474 in 1999 and now we have got into second phase of UL listing for flexible sprinkler hose fittings.

Our Flex Drop is listed at 200 psi  pressure rating and 300 F (149 C) temperature rating  , which is higher than most industry’s requirements.  We have confidence in supplying more reliable products to our customers around the world.

Friction loss data and ratings of UL listed products can be found on UL web site certification section as UL regulated this information should be published.

We have manufactured Flex Drop for more than 25 years and will do our best to make the most reliable yet easy to use and economical products.

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