1. What is the most cost effective way to install Flex Drop?

  Install Flex Drop during rough-in works, then
  a. assemble Flex Drop - nipple, reducer, escutcheon, sprinkler head
  b. fit Flex Drop to range pipe
  c. cable tie Flex Drop to range pipe
  d. pressure test rough-in piping
  e. leave rough-in pipe charged until fit-off works begin
  f. after ceiling grids and service tiles have been installed, reduce system pressure
  g. maneuver Flex Drop into position in tile
  h. install and secure ceiling grid assembly onto grid

2. If minimal space exists between duct bean and false ceiling – i.e. 160 mm (7”) or less, which fittings
    should be used?

  Use Flex Drop elbow reducer.
We have 150 mm (6”) elbow and small 80 mm (3 ¼”) elbow

3. The ceiling space is less than 150 mm (6”), typically residential, what is the best way to install?

  Utilize small 80 mm (3 ¼”) elbow reducer with special slotted elbow bracket which fixes to the slab above.

4. Other trades knock or bend Flex Drop out of way in the ceiling space, resulting in misalignment of
    the sprinkler head within the ceiling tile. Occasionally, the whole ceiling grid fixing arrangement is
    removed by other trades. Can the ceiling grid arrangement be adjusted after the plasterboard
    sheeting is completed?

  Other trades interfering with equipment not their own has been an issue for many years. The only solution to this problem is to have the area inspected by the client immediately after the fit-off has been completed: this will confirm correct sprinkler head alignment. The only way to adjust the ceiling grid fixing arrangement is to access the ceiling space.