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FLEX DROP : Flex Drop is a unique stainless steel flexible hose assembly which improves the way in which sprinkler systems are designed and installed. The Flex Drop replaces the conventional method of fitting off sprinkler heads by allowing the fitter to rough in and fit off at the same time. This allows the fitter to test and charge the system with water before the ceiling grid is installed. Once the ceiling grid is in position, the Flex Drop can be reshaped into position to suit the final sprinkler head location without draining the system.

We’ve been making Flex Drop for more than 20 years and exporting to Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia and USA. We have so many job references around the world. Our products were installed in the tallest building of the world, the Taipei 101 tower, airports and subways in Singapore, Korea, Australia and major building projects, shopping centers, hospitals and government projects around the world.

Flex Drop is approved by UL, FM, VDS, LPCB, SSL and our manufacturing facility in Korea has ISO 9001 approval.
(VDS and LPCB approval under Tyco Fire & Building Products who is our exclusive agent for Europe)