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Reducing labor cost
   -  Increase in labor efficiency as installation is 4 times faster compare to traditional hard pipe method.
   -  Easier to bend and maneuver in congested space and unusual ceilings.
   -  One men operation rather than two men.
   -  No relocation of tools and screwing machines from area to area.
   -  Reducing labor cost rates to become more competitive.

Eliminates work inconvenience
   -  No accident from use and movement of screwing machine.
   -  No fumes, no smoke and no more noise from screwing machine.
   -  Easier and fast installation.
   -  Easier to bend and maneuver in congested spacing around the ducts, trays and for unusual ceiling types.

Drain down is not necessary
   -  No drain down & recharging needed in fit-off process.
   -  Install at rough-in stage and charge system, no need for fit-off test.
   -  No need to go back and drain the system after ceiling re-aligned and level changed.
   -  Reduction in risk of water damage and delays.
   -  24 hour fire protection.

Construction advantage & Equipment cost savings
   -  All pipe work and fittings are installed at rough-in state.
   -  Adjustment can be made to ceiling levels without impact on sprinkler head & drops after installation.
   -  Less disruption to occupiers during retrofit and renovations : faster, cleaner, no fumes or noise from machines.
   -  Reusable : Flex Drop can be re-installed in other area after they are dismantled.
   -  Savings on screwing machine purchase, maintenance and transport.